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The Intrepid Crew! Our fearless leader Paul Hughen, ASC. What a great gig!





Got to work with an old friend I worked with in Pittsburgh, all those years ago.

Dan Bishop is an Emmy award winner for his work on MAD MEN.



was another film last year we did the re-shoots on 



This film we shot with Mickey Rouke.

The picture below was taken on Mickey's last night of shooting. It was great working with Nat Wolff, Emma Roberts, Mickey, Sara Silverman and our esteemed Director of Photography Christopher Baffa, ASC. This is a picture of the Set Lighting Department of which I was lucky enough to be the Gaffer/Chief Lighting Technician. These guys kicked arse! Of course one of the grips got lost so he ended up in our photo (he's the one wearing the bandana) worries though we fed him and found a safe place for him until his Best Boy could come get him and take him home.

Ashby Electric Crew



It was an honor working with Robert Loggia on "An Evergreen Christmas", I was the Chief Lighting Technician for this film. Great little family Christmas story. Jeremy Culver Directed this great cast of characters: Naomi Judd, Booboo Stewart, Charlene Closshey, Tyler Ritter, Jake Sandvig, Greer Grammer. Jeff Osborne was the Director of Photography.




























TV and FEATURE FILMS                 Position                        Director of Photography

Baywatch                                                            Gaffer 2nd Unit                               Paul Hughen

Paper Towns                                                       Gaffer (Re-shoots)                          David Lanzenberg

Disappointments Room                                        Gaffer (Re-shoots)                          Rogiers Stoffers     

ASHBY                                                                        Gaffer                                       Christopher Baffa

An Evergreen Christmas                                                Gaffer                                       Jeffery Osborne

 Sleeping Around                                                             Gaffer                                       Tom Priestley

 April Fools Day                                                               Gaffer                                       Michael Maley

 Sorority Row                                                      2nd Unit Gaffer/1st unit BB                      Brown Cooper/Ken Seng

 She’s Out of My League                                    2nd Unit Gaffer/1st unit BB                      Rodney Taylor/Jim Denault

 The Christmas Tree                                                        Gaffer                                       Kees Van Oostrum

 The Breeding Tree                                                          Gaffer                                       Peter Hawkins

 Young and the Restless                                                  Gaffer                                       Rege Becker

 Keep the Change                                                Gaffer(LA) Best Boy (Mont)                  Mark Irwin

 The Strangers                                                     Dimmer Board Operator                       Peter Sova

 Talladega Nights                                                Rigging Electric Best Boy                     Oliver Wood

 Striking Distance                                                        Rigging Gaffer                               Mac Alberg

  Innocent Blood                                                          Rigging Gaffer                               Mac Alberg

  Wonder Boys                                                              Local Gaffer                                 Dante Spinotti

  Inspector Gadget                                               Local Best Boy Electric                         Adam Greenburg

  Desperate Measures                                         Local Best Boy Electric                         Luciano Tovoli

  Kingpin                                                                  Rigging Best Boy                              Mark Irwin

  Temptations                                                          Best Boy Electric                              Jamie Anderson

   Dogma                                                                 Best Boy Electric                               Bob Yeoman

   Child Again                                                          Best Boy Electric                               Rege Becker

   Assassination File                                                Best Boy Electric                               Rob Draper

   The Piano Lesson                                                Best Boy Electric                               Paul Elliott

   Scarlett                                                                 Best Boy Electric                               Tony Immi

   Roomates                                                             Best Boy Electric                               Mike Southon

    Breathing Lessons                                               Best Boy Electric                               Gayne Rescher

    Money for Nothing                                                Best Boy Electric                               Tom Sigel

    Waterland                                                            Best Boy Electric                               Robert Elswit

    Dead and Alive                                                    Best Boy Electric                               Mark Irwin

    Cobb's Law                                                          Best Boy Electric                               Tony Immi

    Bride In Black                                                      Best Boy Electric                                Ron Garcia

    Night of the Living Dead                                      Best Boy Electric                                Frank Prinzi

    Two Evil Eyes                                                      Best Boy Electric                                Peter Reniers

    Heartstopper                                                        Best Boy Electric                                John Rice

    Bloodsucking Pharaohs                                       Best Boy Electric                                Peter Reniers

    No Place Like Home                                               Electrician                                       Tony Pierce Roberts

    Crimminal Justice                                                   Electrician                                       Steven Fierberg

     The Dark Half                                                        Electrician                                        Tony Pierce Roberts

     HouseGuest                                                          Electrician                                        Jerzy Zielinski

     Prince of Pennsylvania                                         Electrician                                         Frank Prinzi

     Equal Justice                                                             Grip                                              Paul Elliot

     Monkeyshines                                                            Grip                                             Jim Contner                           

     Dominic and Eugene                                                 Grip                                              CurtisClark    

     ROBOCOP (SPFX MU), The Kid Brother (Transportation coordinator), Flight of the Spruce Goose (Locations)   

COMMERCIALS                                                                        Director of Photography

     Nationwide Insurance                                              Gaffer                                              Kietel Dietrichson 

     Haas Racing                                                           Gaffer                                             Brandon Ripley

     NAPA autoparts                                                       Gaffer                                            David Jones

     Ashley Furniture                                                       Gaffer                                            Giles Dunning

     Phoebe Putney Hospitals                                         Gaffer                                             Suzanne Clouzeau

     Farm Insurance                                                        Gaffer                                            Jeff Tanner

     Traco Windows                                                         Gaffer                                            Ron Dylewski

     Pirate Season                                                           Gaffer                                            Tom Megalis

     Pittsburgh Post Gazzette                                          Gaffer                                            Tom Megalis      

     Winslow's Coffee                                                      Gaffer                                             Tom Megalis                                        

      Trane Air Conditioners                                            Gaffer                                              John Moyer                               

      Monroeville Mall                                                      Gaffer                                              John Moyer

      McDonalds                                                              Gaffer                                              Bobby Sheehan

       Tribune Review                                                      Gaffer                                              Tom Megalis

       Allegheny Co. Tourism                                           Gaffer                                              Richard Dwyer

       Blue Cross Blue Shield                                           Gaffer                                              Jeff Venditti

       Aveda Products                                                      Gaffer                                               Rich Noel

        True Value Hardwares                                          Gaffer                                               John Fisherkeller

       Childrens Partnership                                            Gaffer                                               Tom Schaindt

       Giant Eagle Stores                                                Gaffer                                                Glenn Pryzborski

        Make A Wish Foundation                                     Gaffer                                                Jim McAward

        Humphreys for Congress                                     Gaffer                                                 Jim Cando

 CD Rom Games Take Two Interactive                                   Director of Photography

        Black Dahlia                                                      Best Boy Electric                                    Rick Brandt

        Jet Fighter                                                         Best Boy Electric                                    Rege Becker

Television Specials/Reality                                                      Director of Photography

        Changing Lanes                                                   Gaffer                                                  Mark Jungjohann

        Discover Channel Titanic Special                        Gaffer                                                  Mark Knobil

        A Matter of National Security                               Gaffer                                                  Norris Brock

        PBS Muppets Inaugaurial Special                       Gaffer                                                  Rege Becker

Television Production                   Position                              Supervisor

        WTVI-TV Charlotte PBS                     Producer/Director/Production Specialist                Elliot Sanderson

        WQED- TV Pittsburgh PBS                         Production Crew                                         Frank Warninsky

        Warner Cable Access                                     Intern Trainer                                          MaryAnn Kasunich

         IMPC                                                                   Intern                                                  Frank Dank


        Point Park College, BFA Journalism/Communications/Broadcast Media Concentration

        Additional credits and references available upon request.